Since 1987, S.M. Sneider Company has been offering a diversified line of wholesale meat products to the food service, retail and industrial markets. Today’s customers demand premium dining experiences. We, in turn, are always raising the bar to provide our customers with consistent high-quality products and first-class service. We achieve this through a host of premium brands, customer-focused staff, efficient production, warehousing and distribution.

At S.M. Sneider, we often source products that no one else can find. The freshness of our products is unmatched. Our attention to customer service separates us from larger companies in that we are available to speak with customers, answer questions, and address concerns virtually 365 days a year.

We serve over 200 restaurants in and around Boston, and have four refrigerated trucks that deliver to our customers six days a week from a modern USDA inspected facility. We are HACCP certified in both meat and seafood and invite you to make an appointment to visit our facility.

Call or email us today to and we will help you create a premium dining experience for your customer.  You can also download a Credit Application in English or a Credit Application in Spanish to expedite the process.


David C. Talcofsky


I’ve always had a genuine interest and fascination with the restaurant business and the food service industry. Of course, having had 3 generations before me pursue careers in this industry, it felt like a natural fit to join the ranks. Serving in the US Army provided me with comprehensive leadership training and core organizational skills which will serve to maintain the same efficient distribution network, high quality standards, and exceptional customer service that the S.M. Sneider Company has offered to their customers for over thirty years.

“Working directly with Stanley on a daily basis has provided me with an intimate understanding of how the S.M. Sneider Company became such a successful business. I have learned, first-hand, how to manage an efficient organization with an excellent reputation, and also what needs to be done in order to maintain the same level of excellence and attention to service.”

I find it thrilling to discover innovative and efficient solutions for our customers’ product sourcing needs. I also enjoy meeting new people and I get the opportunity to do so every day!

Dave has two young children, Oliver 3, and Penelope 4 months old. He is an avid Patriots fan and enjoys running and golfing, as well as skiing and spending time with his family


Stanley M. Sneider


After college, I knew I wanted to open my own business. My father and grandfather owned a wholesale meat company called Sprague Brothers, so I knew what was involved in owning a business. While working for my father, an opportunity came up that I couldn’t pass up and that was to supply the Boston Hospital Council with meats and provisions. From that moment on, I didn’t look back, and my wife, Priscilla and I opened S.M. Sneider Company.

Working with my father and grandfather at Sprague gave me the business acumen to run an efficient operation and the industry knowledge to select high quality meats and provisions for my customers. It gave my customers the opportunity to run their businesses without having to worry about which products to select.

“I believe in direct customer contact. It gives me the opportunity to listen to my customers’ needs, suggest ways they can save money while at the same time allowing them to deliver premium products, as well as securing hard to get items on a timely basis.”

The key to our success is keeping our business small so we can stay in control of our operation. We don’t have any outside sales people and that keeps our expenses low. Also, working with local suppliers allows us to restock on a daily basis and turn over our inventory five times faster than big box stores.

Many of our clients that came on board 30 years ago still buy their products from us each week. We take pride in taking care of our clients and treat them like friends, which many of them have become over the years.

Stanley has 4 children and 6 grandchildren. He strives to stay fit so he can keep up with his grandchildren by doing yoga, spinning, rowing, and skiing. He also likes going out to eat and visiting customers.